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I’ve lived the virtual from the moment I was conceived – which is to say, the moment I began conceptualizing myself. 

I am a citizen of virtuality – and of Second Life – but virtuality extends far beyond SL.  SL is perhaps the widest and most chaotic virtual experiental realm, but it is in no way virtuality itself, nor is it particularly well suited for encapsulating or interpreting the experience of fist person virtual living, for which SL is such a phenomenal framework.

The reflections, the processing of virtual experiences is far better left to other media.  If SL is an experiental medium, a blog is an experience processing engine.  This blog is my reference point, my processing plant. 
I see my virtuality on a spectrum of experiental approach.  At the one extreme there is the highly structured virtual living that resembles everything in the physical life.  What is done at this extreme, is pretty much what is done in the physical life. 
At the other extreme is the all-out, full emotional engagement that maximizes the virtual life, but at times barges into the coastal reeves of sanity – at full velocity – causes wrecks, causes loss – but also maximizes the capacity of the medium, elevates its significance to levels that rival or, at times, exceed that of the physical life.
My virtuality unfolds at the latter, chaotic and perpetually transforming realm.  For over seven months this virtual life has altered not so much who I am, but how I view the context of my life. 
I have made major decisions that I would never have made had my virtuality not factored in at the level it has. 
This blog is the point of reference .. the milestones on the non-linear road.  Macro and micro – abstract and concrete.  In time I’m hoping the patterns will emerge…